Red Horn Kratom, The Rarity Strain

In perhaps its most unpredictable form, Red Horn is a strain of Kratom. Kratom is an evergreen tree located in and native to Southeast Asia. Of course, the evergreen is of tropical origin, and maintains an opioid like nature all the while providing stimulant like effects.

Every strain of Kratom has a unique trait. Some are known for their lack of side effects, while others are known for being particularly sustainable. In this case, Red Horn is known to be not only unpredictable, but very rare. The leaves selected for use need to be carefully refined into a ground powder which takes time and effort to do. Not to mention the leaves need to be in pristine condition before being ground up. As for its unpredictability factor, Red Horn tends to work very differently over the course of several experiences. For example, for some it may act as a mild stimulant, while for others it may act as a very strong one.

The origins of Red Horn Kratom are an interesting bunch. Native to Thailand and the surrounding areas specifically, the strain is actually so rare that it’s native areas often don’t have enough to maintain a steady supply and demand chain.

Red Horn is known for its very high market value because of how effective it is within modern day medicine. The medicinal value of it may even be higher than its market value according to some. Not only is the market and medicinal value high, but its theraputic properties spike non traditional medicinal value as well.

Interesting enough to note, is that Red Horn is often confused with a strain called Maeng Da. The two strains have similar characteristics in regards to their leaves which both have a good amount of spikes near the edges, however in actuality they are far different. While Maeng Da may be seen as somewhat of a “Clean Stimulant”, meaning no side effects, the Red Horn strain does not garuntee the same cleanliness.

As for how people are liking this strain, most people tend to enjoy it. It’s often said that even a very small does provides intense euphoric effects. This fact is supported by the strain’s similarity to Maeng Da. It’s extremely potent, containing a higher amount of alkaloids than the average strain.

If you or a loved one are considering taking this strain, or any strain at all for that matter, please discuss the topic with your doctor or general practician. As with anything that alters your bodies natural behaviour, there is possibility for something to go wrong. It’s better to be proactive and reduce the risk of harm rather than be reactive to any sort of harm already done.